2006 and 2007 Grant Projects

Read about how grants received from the Greene County Community Foundation have benefited the library!



The last two years the library has applied for and been awarded two generous grants from the Greene County Community Foundation. 


The first grant we received, in the spring of 2006, was for technology.  With this grant we were able to upgrade and add several services to the library.  We were able to upgrade a public access computer, begin a collection of music CDs which to date has --- in the collection. We have music for toddlers, teens and adults! We also have several seasonal selections.  Currently our strongest selection is in Country Music.  We always welcome suggestions and donations!

          We were also able to begin the process of revamping the look of the library and creating more floor space for our preschool programming.  We added two storage cases, made by Shorty Clark, that hold our VHS tapes. 

          A VHS/DVD player was purchased. This technology allows us to convert VHS to DVD.  It is available for in library use only at this time. We were also able to purchase a compact disc player and digital camera, both which are available for limited checkout.

          Perhaps the most exciting, and at times frustrating, area of technology we were able to add was the ability to be a wireless facility.  Currently all our public access computers access the internet by a wireless connection.  This capability also allows patrons, or persons traveling through town, to access the internet via their own lap top computer.



          The grant we received in the spring of 2007 has allowed us to further our “remodel” of the library, with more technology and TWEEN space.

          The first addition was the beautiful and functional public access computer station created by Shorty Clark.  The wireless capability we acquired with the first grant was further utilized by creating this station, which allows us to set the computers away from the wall. By opening up the front of the library we have made our non-fiction section more accessible and attractive!

          Our grant also provided money for us to upgrade two of the office computers, in-turn allowing us the opportunity to move two rather “new” computers to the public access stations. At the present time we are looking to replace one more computer, so if anyone is thinking of upgrading at Christmas keep us in mind!!

          Our “tweens” (those kids 11-13) have benefited greatly from this grant.  They now have their own space, and yes, it was decorated by them!!!  This space was formerly storage shelves.  We have put sheets of foam and then dry walled the area so it is much warmer.  We say a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Shorty Clark, Bill Gebhart, and Tim Towers who removed shelves, hung dry wall and spackled the area before some of the teens painted.  Some of the former storage shelves were redesigned for use in this area and the rest were taken for the basement and are currently filled to the brim!  The mini furniture was donated by Teena Toliver.  It’s fun to see the kids all gather in this area!!   There is still some work to do, but the kids are making good use of the space!!

The foundation grant also allowed the library to put a sizeable down-payment on a new copier, allowing us to replace a five year old machine.  We are still seeking public donations to complete the purchase.  Please see one of the board or staff members for further information.