Use a computer


The library currently has 4 public access computers and 7 tablets and offers wireless internet access.  Each patron may use the computer for one hour at a time.  If no one is waiting, longer usage is permitted.  Resume writing and homework will take precedence over game playing and entertainment use.  Patrons will need to sign in before using the computers. If there is a long waiting list, times may be shortened. 

Only one person is allowed at a work station with the following exceptions: a parent working with a child, students working on a joint project or if a two-player game is being played. Patrons are not permitted to install, delete, copy or modify library hardware or software.

Because the library does not have filters in place, permission slips must be signed by all children under the age of 15!

In the event the staff determines that a child or adult is abusing computer privileges, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

For the full context of the library's policy, please contact the library.